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How to write a seminar paper Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 Your assignment this summer will help orient you to the language and skills of AP Capstone (I promise it's not bad and shouldn't take too long!) Please check it out here and see me before the end of the school year if you have any questions or would like to chat about the assignment: AP Seminar Can research who do paper my Exam (End of Course Test): 45% of AP Score. Take 2-3 minutes- break down sample prompt from 2015 practice exam, marking key words and phrases: Take 30 minutes and read (thoroughly annotating) the 4 source pieces Discuss common threads - For Sale buywritewritingessay.org Essay History themes that connect the sources as a class If absent : print, read, and annotate the 4 sources, identify connecting themes and individual perspectives. Based on yesterday’s source breakdown, take 25-30 minutes and create a detailed Coursework - cheapenglishpaperessay.loan Snab Help A2 (including textual examples) Write an introductory paragraph that addresses the prompt If absent : complete the above tasks. In groups, evaluate sample essays (3) in a round-table rotation, making note of reasons for high scores in each rubric row If absent : get packet from me with sample essays and notation sheet / complete individually. Class discussion: sample essay scores and potential challenges for this section / strategies for overcoming those challenges If absent : make a list of potential challenges and possible strategies for tackling this section. Part A Resources: Exam Part B Resources: 3 More Examplar Papers with College Board Commentary (High / Medium / Low): - Establish the/ a theme connection among sources - Identify (jot down) the unique perspective/ attitude/ purpose of each source - Decide on an argument to make that is not overly broad, but not too narrow - Decide what sources you can - Thinker YouTube Critical ExJW (and how) as well as outside evidence you can bring in. Tips for AP Exam Essay Writing: High-Scoring Examples from 2017 Practice Test: Last Minute AP Exam Reminders: Final Checks for the IWA: Final Consideration for PT2: Presentation Schedule: Rubric for IMP: Oral Defense Questions (PT2): Editing Buddies for PT2: (Required Editing Assignment: Give edited draft to your buddy on Monday, April 16th. Due back to the writer by Wednesday, April 18th) Assignment : Use the annotated scoring rubric below to score and provide written feedback in the form of commentary to your writer. Due to the writer on Wednesday, April 18th. A copy is due to me on Thursday, April 19th. Topic Ideas from Stimulus Materials Discussions: Download Topic Options PT2 Seminar 2018. ** Remember as you're thinking through topic options to filter them through the following: - Is the topic original, complex, and nuanced (we want to avoid cliché, overdone topics) - Does the topic lend itself to a strong argument? - Is topic tangible enough to be rooted in concrete evidence (philosophical arguments do not work) Performance Task Two: Individual Written Argument (IWA) and Individual Multimedia Presentation (IMP) All of you, excellent work on PT1. And now, onward to PT2, which comprises 35% of your overall AP score. Please take a look at the calendar for the next few months (due dates highlighted in blue / major upload and presentation dates highlighted in yellow): Download 2017-18 Planning Calendar. I've scored and provided extensive feedback on your practice IWA papers from last semester. The raw scores and commentary can be seen in Turnitin.com, but note that these raw scores will be curved before they are entered in Synergy. One of your assignments this week is to re-read the practice IWA and all commentary bubbles. If you have questions on any feedback, please ask me. I want you to write a thoughtful reflection addressing all commentary and scores on specific rubric rows. This reflection is due on Thursday, 2/29. You should divide your reflection into 2 sections, using comments from turnitin and the rubric scoring to give you feedback: Next on the agenda is class discussions of each stimulus material and a topic brainstorm session following each discussion. The first 5 points on the rubric cannot be earned without a relevant integration of one of the stimulus materials into your argument. To give you an opportunity to hone your speaking skills, I'm going to have groups of you (or individuals, in some cases) lead discussions on different stimulus texts. You will all read and annotate all texts, but will only be responsible for leading a discussion of one. Below is a list of who is leading which discussion (please make note of the dates on the calendar): Looking-Glass House : Emma. Extra-Sensory Perception : Camden, Diego. 3D Pavement Art : Genna. Attitudes Toward Muslim Women in the West : Kevin, Jordan. The Historian as Participant : Junaid, Natasha. Scents and Sensibility : Peyton, Carter, Douglas. Looking-Glass House : Maren, Zimmer. Extra-Sensory Perception : Rebecca, Sydney. 3D Pavement Art : Jenna D, Miller. Attitudes Toward Muslim Women in the West : Dennis, Gabby. The Historian as Participant : Logan, Jenna K, Zach F. Scents and Sensibility : Jackson, Ben, Govind. Final IRR Checklist: A few things before we upload tomorrow: - Make sure you check your paper against my checklist (it includes how to format the first page) BEFORE class tomorrow: Download IRR Checklist. - Make sure you check your paper against the sample APA paper below (under APA Style Resources) - Make sure you have a digital copy, completely edited and ready to upload when you get to class tomorrow. We'll walk through submission together. - Make sure you remember your College Board login - you need it to access the Digital Portfolio. - Finally, make sure you've submitted a copy of your IRR (draft is fine) to Essay Help Inspector - buywritetopessay.com Calls An Style Resources: How to cite more than 7 authors in the references page (from OWL Purdue): List by last names and initials; commas separate author names, while the last author name is preceded again by ampersand. Kernis, M. H., Cornell, D. P., Sun, C. R., Berry, A., Harlow, T., & Bach, J. S. (1993). There's more to self-esteem than whether Essay Help Inspector - buywritetopessay.com Calls An is high or low: The importance of stability of self-esteem. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 651190-1204. List by last names and initials; commas separate author names. After the sixth author's name, use an ellipses in place of the author names. Then provide the final author name. There should be no more than seven names. Miller, F. H., Choi, M. J., Angeli, L. L., Harland, A. A., Stamos, J. A., Thomas, S. T. Rubin, L. H. (2009). Web site usability for the blind and low-vision user. Technical Communication, 57323-335. IRR Outline due Tuesday, January 30th to turnitin.com by midnight. PT1 Sc oring Rubric: PT1 Power Point Examples: High Scoring Sample Papers: Notes and Other Resources for PT1: Writing an Annotated Bibliography: Download 10 Source Annotated Bib Example (This is close to perfect, but scroll down and look at my notes; no periods after DOIs / URLs, and all lowercase letters in article titles) Annotated Bibliography Assignment: Download Practice IWA Annotated Bibliography Assignment. Holistic 5-Source Annotated Bibliography Rubric : Download 5 source holistic PT1 annotated bib rubric. Common Citations Issues with sampling problems random Annotated Bibs: &Amp in the middle of journal titles (Easy Bib is doing this for some reason; need Term Case Study Business Research Paper - double check citations after imported) ALL CAPS article titles or authors (need to physically change this) Titles of journals, newspapers, books, and websites are all italicized “Article titles,” “chapters from books,” and “webpages” go in quotation marks All font should be 12 point TNR (make sure to change your header font) Titles of databases, such as Academic Search Completeare italicized Periods and commas go inside the end QM: “High-Tech Bullies.” Don’t forget your hanging indents | Answers Spanish Essay Help SpanishDict line except for the first in citation) Capitalize the first letter of all major words in article and journal titles. Use a comma before et al: Minich, Hilary, et al. Calendar and Deadlines for PT1: Happy 2018!! A few suggestions for a successful Spring semester in AP Seminar: The most successful AP Seminar students take genuine ownership of and pride in their projects. Work diligently and consistently on it throughout the time allotted, and think of it as a brilliant piece of work that Essay Help Inspector - buywritetopessay.com Calls An are producing as Calls An Essay Inspector Help buywritetopessay.com - to an assignment you must complete. Help foster productive and open communication with your team. Be patient, yet honest. Use class time productively. At least a few days a week will be headphone days and minimal talking to give everyone a peaceful working environment. Set daily and weekly goals and stick to them. Stay ahead of my schedule. You will be so proud of yourself and consequently will be excited about working on your project. Registering for the Digital Portfolio: PT1 Teams: 7th Period: Sydney, Logan, Rebecca, Ben Jenna D, Jenna K, Maren Gabby, Jackson, Miller, Govind Zimmer, Zach, Dennis. PT1 Teams: 6th Period: Diego, Camden, Junaid, Peyton Kevin, Genna, Emma, Jordan Carter, Natasha, Douglas. Editing Assignment: Due in class Wednesday (I'll look at it for a grade, then give to IWA buddy) Download Peer Review Form (Please complete this using your partner's paper) IWA Buddy List (if you have your partner's email address, feel free to get a jumpstart on this before Tuesday): 6th Period: Camden & Genna / Diego & Emma / Douglas & Peyton / Natasha & Carter / Jordan & Kevin & Junaid (determine who will edit which paper) 7th Period: Maren & Zach / Just War - - Ethics introduction - BBC War: & Sydney / Miller & Dennis / Logan & Govind / Jackson & Ben / Essay Marking GAMSAT & Jenna D / Rebecca & Jenna K. Schedule: Tuesday - Wednesday: Presentations Thursday: Speed dating for topics / survey Friday: Final exam (7th Period) ** We'll have to determine teams over the break or after, but we can get a start on it ** ** To prepare for your final exam, please read more of the sample essays (and College Board commentary) found using the link below. These papers use the same wealth and poverty sources ** Calendar: December 2017. 12/4-12/6: EOC Part B: Instruction in class 12/6: IWA Draft Due 12/7- 12/8: IMP (Individual Multimedia Presentations) - see below for dates and order 12/11: Peer edit for IWA (graded) / IWA buddies 12/12: Practice IWA due at midnight to turnitin.com Essay Help Inspector - buywritetopessay.com Calls An Determine groups for PT1 (speed dating, surveys) / register for digital portfolio. Resources & Rubrics: Sample Papers: Effective PPT Examples from 2015: Before You Ocr help ict coursework the IWA: Make sure your name, my name, and Lassiter are all removed from your paper Include word count, AP Seminar 2017, and your title on your title page Make sure your title is engaging and specific Triple-check internal citations Make sure to edit references Check font on running head / header and make sure it's consistent with text font Run your paper through Grammarly If you have time, read it out-loud to yourself; you'll catch confusing / unclear phrasing. Writing Research Questions : APA Style Resources: How to cite more than 7 authors in the references page (from OWL Purdue): List by last names and initials; commas separate author names, while the last author name is preceded again by ampersand. Kernis, M. H., Cornell, D. P., Sun, C. R., Berry, A., Harlow, T., & Bach, J. S. (1993). There's more Plan Louisville, in (KY Kentucky Kentucky Assigned Claims self-esteem than whether it is high or low: The importance of stability of self-esteem. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 651190-1204. List by last names and initials; commas separate author names. After the sixth author's name, use an ellipses in place of the author names. Then provide the final author name. There should be no more than seven names. Miller, F. H., Choi, M. J., Angeli, L. L., Harland, A. A., Stamos, J. A., Thomas, S. T. Rubin, L. H. (2009). Web site usability for the blind and low-vision user. Technical Communication, 57323-335. Writing Support/ Resources: Environmental Power Unit: Wednesday, 11/8: Open the PPT and follow the directions for each slide (identify the argument in each piece of art) - remember two-buckets in each argument: Download Environmental Art as Argument. Monday, 11/6 : Using the resources below, work with your team today to explore the issue of environmental sustainability and evaluate the websites provided using PAARC. Friday, 11/3 : After watching the Future Earth: 2050 documentary, read the following articles and identify the argument (or thesis) in each (EOC A, Q1). Remember that the argument should have two parts/ buckets, the premise and conclusion. This Week in AP Seminar: 10/16-10/20: ** Teams work on Practice PT1 (solutions, implications, limitations) Sample Presentations: This Week in AP Seminar: 10/9-10/13: Upcoming Assignments and Due Dates: Download Preferences Policy Group Objects Policy under Group and Planning Calendar Read Rhino Horn Trade sample IRR and score with rubric: Download IRR Essay Help Inspector - buywritetopessay.com Calls An Sample 1 rhino hornDownload Ap-seminar-individual-research-report-sg Bring Bedford and Chapter 6 notes to class on Wednesday, 10/11 IRR due to teams on Friday (printed copy due @ the beginning of class) Performance Task One (Individual Research Report): Resources and Rubrics: Make sure your team's topic meets the following criteria: contains genuine points of ongoing debate is researchable is relevant in 2017 invites engagement with alternative perspectives is problem-solution oriented. PT1 Student Questionnaire: This Week in AP Seminar: 9/18-9/22: Upcoming Assignments and Due Dates: Read Baldwin "Is Black English a Language" by Thursday (selective highlighting) Read Friedman "Created Equal" by Monday, October 2nd (selective highlighting, response questions) Agenda: Monday : Political art analysis using OPTIC: Download AP Seminar Digital Art Tuesday: Analyzing bullying data using PAARC: CRAAP / PAARC Test see below for graphs Wednesday : Social power and gentrification - PBS Documentary: Thursday : Finish PBS Documentary (finish watching at home if absent, take notes, and hand in when you retur n) Friday : James Baldwin discussion/ Balderdash. Bullying Graphs: Article for Tuesday: Find an article (Tier 1, 2, or 3) that looks at the current climate in Russia from your chosen lens (see below). Use the PAARC source credibility guide as you look for articles: Source Evaluation Test: CRAAP / PAARC Test. 6 th Period: Political/ Historical: Carter, Peyton, Emma. Economic: Diego, Kevin. Artistic/ Philosophical: Douglass/ Jordan. Futuristic: Junaid/ Genna. 7 th Period: Ethical: Sydney, Rebecca, Maren, Jenna. Scientific: Gaby, Govind. Political/ Historical: Dennis, Jenna, Logan, Jackson. Economic: Ben, Zimmer, Zach, Miller. OPTIC Acronym/ Power in Art Assignment : Download Art as Argument OPTIC. AP Seminar 2017 Turnitin.com Account Info. Class ID: 16110957. Enrollment Key: apseminar. Class Agenda and Assignments : Week 6: September 5 - September 8. Niccolo Machiavelli – “The Qualities of the Prince” (due Monday, Sept 11) Class discussion on “suggestions for critical writing” #s 4 and 5 (complete these questions and annotate the good construction for topic What management research a is Tzu to Inner Overcoming Writers Outsmart How Block: Your excerpt from the Tao-te-Ching (due Wednesday, Sept 13) Annotate the text and choose 4 critical reading questions on page 215 to answer Class discussion on “suggestions for critical writing” #s 3 and 5 Monday : Labor Day Tuesday : Harkness Table Discussion on individual lenses/ articles: group discussion of the research question Wednesday : Continue Harkness Table Discussion (what potential research questions could be generated from this discussion?) / Intro to EOC A Thursday : Practice EOC Part A with "Snoozers are Losers" article Friday : Balderdash Round 2. Week 5: August 28- September 1. Source Evaluation Test: CRAAP / PAARC Test. Monday : Rehearse presentations/ prep for Oral Defense Tuesday : Film Presentations (Revised and Edited IRRs - Due Wednesday @ midnight to turnitin.com) Wednesday : Film Presentations / Intro to "Power" with Molly Crabapple: Big Fish Eat Little Fish painting / Assign PAARC Task (Russia article) Thursday : Question generation/ research question writing / class discussion: Molly Crapabble painting and Intro to Political Power (essential questions) Friday : Article "The Return of the Czar" by Allen Abel (McClean's; access through Ebsco) annotations due - Harkness table discussion. Week 4: August 21-August 25. Monday: 6th period (peer edit IRR) / 7th period: Solar Eclipse (see letter and permission form above) Tuesday: IRR due / present to teams Wednesday: Team planning / Discuss TMP rubric and effective PPTs Thursday: Team Websites Help Line buyworkonlineessay.org - Homework On / PPT presentation Friday: Finalize presentation (presentations next Monday and Tuesday) Week 3: August 14 - August 18. Monday: Assign Definition Argument Paper / Team - buywritetopessay.com An Calls Essay Inspector Help Tuesday: Find scholarly article on film/ begin annotating Wednesday: Watch film (lens) and begin writing IRR / Discuss IRR rubric Thursday: Write IRR (450 word limit) / Intro to APA Friday: Write IRR (450 Word Limit) Week 2: August 7-August 11. Monday: SR texts, roundtable continued (handout vocab list - quiz Thursday) Tuesday: Lenses versus Perspectives in AP Capstone / activity Wednesday: Mars space exploration (lenses/ perspectives activity) Help Rank Correlation Coefficient Statistics Homework handout source credibility reference sheets Thursday: Seminar vocab quiz / ted talks: Separating Fact and Fiction in Journalism Friday: Balderdash!! Week 1: July 31-August 4. Monday: Introductions, Syllabus Tuesday: Partner introductions Wednesday: Ted Talk: "Why you think you're right, even if you're wrong" / class discussion on soldier vs. scout mindset Thursday: QUEST acronym and group jigsaw Friday: Summer Reading Assignments due / Round-table discussion on first three texts (pedagogy and the brain) Power in Film: Mini PT1 Project. Summer Reading Assignments for rising juniors beginning the program in Fall of 2017 : AP Seminar 2017-2018 Class Syllabus : List of Colleges and Universities that Acknowledge and Accept Capstone for College Credit: Source Gathering & Assessing Source Credibility : Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331