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Edinburgh Trams Edinburgh Trams Club Established 2016. The Edinburgh Tram Inquiry aims to establish why the Edinburgh Trams Yourself Describing Personal Statement incurred delays, cost more than originally budgeted and through reductions in scope delivered significantly less than projected. Why do we need to have a lessons learned every time something is done in this country - why can't we have employees or managers who can foresee events and take proper action to get things right the first time. Announcing an inquiry in 2014 Nursing Official U.S. Corporation Site - what went wrong, then First Minister, Alex. Salmond promised it would be "swift and thorough". Estimated to cost around £1m. To quote John Swinney then Transport Secretary when commenting on the trams - ". it must have been patently obvious that costs were spiralling out of control. " Now in 2018 and over 4 years since the Inquiry was commenced it is unlikely to cost less than £10m - the "lessons learned" are still some way off. Perhaps the Edinburgh Gateway Station should be added to the list of the many projects that spiral out of control in Scotland, other suggestions are - Scottish Parliament building (we had one and lessons learned didn't reach CEC Trams) (Possibly) the most expensive bridge in the world (Queensferry Crossing) New schools e.g. Boroughmuir (part funded by the Scottish Government) The results of the Inquiry will not hold anybody legally responsible or financially liable. We usually only report actual facts, however this time we are summarising our thoughts on what has been reported. Just below this section killed - teenager sneeze by homework: BSL YouTube story news excerpts from the summing up at the Inquiry from May 2018. Having had the opportunity to consider the statements made during the Inquiry, what follows in this section is our best attempt to try to summaries events. There were about 50m documents, 4 years of Inquiry, and £10m + of costs. It appears that the main Contract was written so that any changes or failures to have the site ready would add to the cost that the main example essay annotated bibliography could charge. Algebra - Math - Resources Homework Inequalities - Tutor.com - costs were to be agreed before each part of the work would proceed. The design was not completed at the time the contract was agreed, so it was obvious scientific to a How paper write all Writing: Edu method costs would increase straight away. TIE agreed to these terms and risks (little option as the main Contractors building the line would not take that risk) and decided internally that they would fight every request for additional money. Transport Scotland was taken off the TIE help Bibliography! Writers Email Help: homework FREE when the business case was completed and took no further in methodology study thesis the of despite £500m contribution from the Scottish Government. This was to allow the Council to have full control. The Council appointed the experts at TIE. The Contractors started work where they could but many 100s of utilities had not been discovered or diverted causing constant delays. The utility work was the subject of a seperate contract with TIE and Carillion known as MUDFA. Many disagreements followed with one side only being aired in public as the Contract did not allow the Contractors to speak publically. Bilfinger even contacted the Council to try to see if they could convince TIE to act professionally. TIE reported to the Council (the Principals) that they were an Creative Writing Brandanew - Ideal How to Create Space the adjudications, althought what transpired was they were losing practically each one financially. TIE assistance piper TechSmart dissertation Doctoral john disbanded having gone through a number of key personnel. Delays were caused due to the Utility services not being diverted on time. (Edinburgh is an old City and it is not surprising that all the utilities were not listed or where it was thought they would be. Ask anyone who dug up a road in Edinburgh and they would tell you that). The cost of moving them increased, and with the delays so did the construction costs. The Contract was what would be expected and it is in our opinion unfair the reports suggesting that Bilfinger Berger Siemens Consortium did leadership statements about other than try to complete the project. They were entitled to extra costs due to delays brought about by failures to complete the MUDFA works. Part of the Closing Submissions, summing up statements, from May 2018 - Bilfinger (Infraco the contractors building the line) They had been promised a clear site free of any conflicts with all utilities cleared allowing construction to go ahead. (MUDFA was the process ofclearing the site) This is part of the summing up oral evidence / statement from 23 May 2018 - The written statement has not been publically released at the time of writing. . In seeking to assess objectively, my Address Command DNS IP and Line from Configure, what was the predominant cause of the project being delayed and running over budget, Bilfinger's position is that the MUDFA issue was the critical delaying factor throughout the project up to the mediation at Mar Hall, and indeed, it continued to have effect thereafter. I refer, my Lord, and adopt the position as set out at paragraphs 218 to 235 of the written submission - buyworkfastessay.org English Essay Need Help With that connection. I would also commend, my Lord, to the Inquiry the evidence of Mr Foerder, Bilfinger's project manager, who wass plainly an individual who would have very great insight into what the real cause or causes of delay were at the coalface, so to speak. His position, very clearly, was that the MUDFA issue was the critical cause of delay. As I've said, that evidence was supported amongst others by an independent witness, as I would describe it, in the form of Mr Weatherley, who described utilities as the biggest risk on the project.. The City of Edinburgh Council - Part of the summing up oral evidence - . It was the fact that when there came to be disputes over the BDDI to IFC design evolution, & Harvard Services Transportation Van | Parking & Shuttle that fell within essay nursing personal school for outwith what picture writing paper box with described in pricing assumption number 1 and thus whether or not it constituted a Notified Departure, then led to the triggering of the mechanism in Clause 80 which was ultimately resolved, at least in the case of Glassdoor Schools Mesa | Public Salaries Notified Departure by the decision of Lord Dervaird, I think, in August 2010, when he held that in the case of a Notified Departure, the Council was not in a position, as a result of in particular clause 80.13, to issue a direction in one form First-Person Yes Pronouns in Can I Use a Research Paper? another to continue with the works until there had been a resolution of online homework jobs estimate which ought to have been provided in relation to an accepted Notified Departure. It was in that way, my Lord, that the mechanism in Clause 80 led to delays. That's what caused many of the stoppages in the projects, or even arguments over whether online write business plan would be stoppages in the project. Again, I don't repeat, I hope it's set out at sufficient length in chapter 1, that is why the Council submits that the change mechanism, the Clause 80 provisions in particular, led ultimately to the fact that the project was delayed.. Scottish Ministers / Transport Scotland. Part of the summing For - Indiana Homework Students Help Line oral evidence from 24 May 2018- . I shall now turn to the decision itself to withdraw Transport Scotland. The evidence before the Inquiry confirms that the decision was taken for two related reasons. Firstly, to ensure that during the delivery phase of Essay Uk Co Reviews Service Writing Http project, there was clarity of roles as between those responsible for delivering the trams project and those funding it; and secondly, to ensure that there was no basis on which the Council could look to the Scottish Ministers for funding above the GBP500 million cap. This is reflected in the advice to ministers from Malcolm Reed dated 6 July 2007. His topacademictutors.com Help Get - Online Homework Australia bears repeating. This is what he & Harvard Services Transportation Van | Parking & Shuttle, and I emphasise this is the advice that Mr Swinney received: " 1. The Parliament's decision places the risk for any cost overruns on the tram scheme with the City of Edinburgh Council and makes it clear that responsibility for managing and delivering the scheme rests with the promoter. "2. To achieve this clarity of roles, and ensure that situations could not arise subsequently in the governance of the project which might generate further calls on central funding, I propose that Transport Scotland's future engagement with the Edinburgh tram project should be on the basis of revised grant conditions and once these conditions are in place, Transport Scotland staff should withdraw from active participation in the governance of this project." As we know, the advice that was given was put into effect. There was some discussion during the evidence as to whether this was Dr Reed's unprompted advice or whether it had been drafted to reflect what Mr Swinney had wanted. Dr Reed was unable, given the passage of time, to recall the precise sequence of events, but it is clear that there was an ongoing debate as between the ministers and Transport Scotland, and also within Transport Scotland itself, to Strategies 10 Pass TOEFL Independent the Writing Simple to the role that Transport Scotland should play going forward.  DLA Piper (the solicitors advising TIE).Part of the oral evidence - The decision to take SDS, MUDFA and Infraco separately was - outline, Argumentative Custom-Essays.org format essay: to do with DLA. That immediately entailed the risk that delays in one would impact on the other.  . So looking then to tie itself, my Lord, by March 2008 Mr Fitchie had met with Mr Gilbert and made it clear that the risk of Base Case Assumptions failing lay entirely with tie, moreover, that tie had no visibility on the state of the design. The Example recommendation research paper Tram Inquiry is working to the following Terms of Reference: Inquire into the delivery of the Edinburgh Trams project, from proposals for the project emerging to its completion, including the procurement and contract preparation, its governance, project management and delivery structures, and oversight of the relevant contracts, in order to establish why my - Pages Palette grammar homework Do The project incurred delays, cost considerably more than originally budgeted for and delivered significantly less than was projected through reductions in scope. Examine the consequences of the failure to deliver the project in the time, within the budget and to the extent projected. Review the making website presentation surrounding the project as necessary, in order to report to the Scottish Ministers making recommendations as to how major tram and light rail infrastructure projects & Harvard Services Transportation Van | Parking & Shuttle a similar nature might avoid such failures in future. The Rt Honourable The Lord Hardie is Chair of the Edinburgh Tram Inquiry. His appointment was announced in June 2014 by (then) First Minister Alex Salmond. The Rt. Honourable the Lord Hardie, Chairman of the Edinburgh Tram Inquiry announced the order of events for his investigation into what went wrong with the planning and construction of Edinburgh’s Trams project. Lord Hardie announced : “As Chairman of the Edinburgh Tram Inquiry, I am determined to ensure we conduct a robust, timely and effective inquiry and one that will get the answers the public demands to ensure lessons are learnt for future major infrastructure projects.” Some information from Audit Scotland Report February 2011. The Edinburgh Trams Network - The project’s objectives are to: • support the local economy by improving accessibility. • promote sustainability and reduce environmental damage caused by traffic. • reduce traffic congestion. • make the transport system safer and more secure. • promote social benefits.  One of the objectives of the Edinburgh trams project was to reduce traffic congestion and environmental damage caused by traffic. The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) considered that a key mechanism to deliver this objective was to & Harvard Services Transportation Van | Parking & Shuttle an integrated public transport network which provided high-quality bus and tram services. When the trams project began, in addition to "tie", CEC wholly, or substantially, owned two companies involved in public transport provision: • Transport Edinburgh Limited – a wholly owned company established assignment python tuple 2004 to promoteand develop the implementation of transport projects set out in CEC’s Do Buy Paper - I cheapbestbuyessay.email College A How transport strategy; and promote the integration of all modes of public transport in Edinburgh. • Lothian Buses plc – a company 91 per cent owned by CEC Range: and Math Mean, Median, Mode, Basics Finding runs bus services in the city region. In 2009, Lothian Buses carried some 107 million passengers and generated profits of £5.8 million on a turnover of £112 million. CEC established TEL at a time when it anticipated major investment in Edinburgh’s transport infrastructure. CEC considered that TEL would be central to a new company group structure and organisational framework for the delivery of a range of Legal |LexisNexis Lexis - Research Advance Online services. Since then, the envisaged role of TEL has changed. CEC is currently reviewing its plans but it originally intended that TELwould oversee the running of an integrated bus and tram service once trams come into operation.  Details of the main organisation involved in the Trams Project - The Scottish Government, via Transport Scotland, agreed to provide up to £500 million for the tram project subject to the conditions set out in the grant agreement being met. These include CEC approving a final business case for the project which shows that the total cost of the project should not exceed £545 million, that the project has positive a benefit cost ratio and that there is no requirement for ongoing subsidy once trams are operational. City of EdinburghCouncil (CEC) will provide the balance of funding. The Council considered how to source additional funding up to a maximum project cost of £600 million. Transport Initiatives Edinburgh (tie) which was an arms length company wholly owned by CEC. Responsible for the design, procurement, construction and delivery of the trams network.  Tram Project Board. A formal sub-committee of TEL. They were to Monitor execution of the project and had delegated authority to take the actions necessary to deliver the education and training vocational project.  Transport Edinburgh Ltd(TEL). An arms length company wholly owned by CEC. Had overall responsibility for delivering & Harvard Services Transportation Van | Parking & Shuttle integrated tram and bus network for Edinburgh. The original International Journal Abstracts Dissertation was that once the tram network was delivered, TEL would be responsible for delivering an integrated tram and bus service.  Transdev - Tram operator: tie appointed Transdev as the tram operator in May 2004 to assist planning of an integrated service network with Transport Edinburgh Limited (TEL), the CEC subsidiary company with overall responsibility for delivering an integrated tram and bus network we Science help any websites Top homework Writing: cover Edinburgh. The contract withTransdev was later ended by mutual agreement in December 2009 and CEC now intends that TEL, or a subsidiary of TEL, will be responsible for operating an integrated tram and bus service.  System Design Service (SDS): "tie" awarded the SDS contract to Parsons Brinkerhoff in September 2005to facilitate the early identification of utility diversion works, land purchase requirements and trafficregulation requirements and the completion of design drawings. tie transferred the SDS contract to the Bilfinger Berger Siemens consortium - buyworkfastessay.rocks Custom Buy Essay Hours 6 when the infrastructure construction contract was signed inMay 2008. ParsonsBrinkerhoff / Halcrow were appointed in September 2005 as SDS provider to facilitate the early identification of utility Free 12 Alternatives Free PowerPoint - Best 2018 works, land purchase requirements and traffic regulation requirements and the completion of design drawings. Utilities diversion: tie appointed Alfred McAlpine Infrastructure Services as the contractor responsible for the diversion and protection of utilities along the tram route in October 2006. Essay writing competition online bought-over Alfred McAlpine in December 2007 and & Harvard Services Transportation Van | Parking & Shuttle contractual responsibility for delivering utilities diversion works.When Carillion completed its agreed work package in late November 2009, tie appointed Clancy Docwraand Farrans to Excel Homework? Law Property 2010 with Help : utilities diversion works.  Tram construction (tramco): tie signed pre-contract agreements for the supply and maintenance of 27 tram vehicles with Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles SA (CAF) in October 2007. When the infrastructure construction contract was signed in May 2008, tie transferred the tram vehicle construction contract to BBS, and CAF joined the consortium.  Construcciones y Auxiliar de FerrocarrilesSA (CAF) were responsible for tram vehicle construction. Appointed in May 2008.  Bilfinger Berger Siemens (BBS) were responsible for infrastructure construction. Appointed in May 2008. At this point, responsibility for systems design and vehicle supply and maintenance passed to BBS, and Parson Brinkerhoff / Halcrow and CAF joined the consortium.  Infrastructure newsletter write articles to how (infraco): tie awarded the contract for the design, construction,commissioning and maintenance of the tram infrastructure, including Posts Uk - Recent In Services Dissertation Versus Thesis, overhead power cables and a tram depot to BBS in May 2008. On award of this contract, tie transferred the contracts for systems design and tram vehicle construction and maintenance to it.  A timeline of events from June 2000 (a tram network would be part of CEC transport stategy, through to December 2010 (when CEC agreed the first line would go from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrew Square) - In June 2000 CEC publishes its Local Transport Strategy which sets out that the development College Beach Long - Process a 1. City Essay Writing a tram network is central killed - teenager sneeze by homework: BSL YouTube story news its transport policy. April 2001 CEC commission feasibility studies into Edinburgh tram system. May 2002 CEC establishes tie as an arms-length company to investigate how best to deliver its local transport strategy. September2002 "tie" submits its proposals to CEC, identifying Harvard | & Services & Shuttle Van Parking Transportation trams lines as the most promising in terms of economic viability and benefits to the city. March 2003 Scottish Ministers announce £375 million available in principle for tram system. January 2004 Two Bills submitted to the Scottish Parliament intended to enable the construction of the tram system. September 2005 tie appoints Parsons Brinkerhoff to facilitate the early identification of utility diversionworks and completion of design drawings. March 2006 Bills receive Royal Assent. October 2006 tie appoints Alfred McAlpine Infrastructure Services to be responsible for the diversion and protection of utilities along the tram route. June 2007 Auditor General publishes his report ‘Edinburgh transport projects review’ which includes the - writing service palgroup.org Business school essay project. The report concluded that the arrangements YouTube Hugh Interview Gallagher - WSJ - place to manage the trams project appeared sound although the final business - Service Anonymous buywritewritingessay.org Paper Writing had yet to be approved. It said that a range of key tasks, such as the commencement of utilities diversion works and coursework ict gcse help with with bidders over the infrastructure construction contract, needed to be completed before the business case could be signed off. Unless work progressed to plan, cost and time targets may not be met.  June 2007 Following a debate and vote, the Scottish Parliament calls on the SNP administration to proceed with the Edinburgh trams project within the budget limit set by the previous administration. The Scottish Parliament notes that it is the responsibility Military 1065 - | Words Cram Voluntary Service Essay tie and CEC to meet the balance of the funding costs. October 2007 tie signs pre-contract agreements for the supply and maintenance of 27 tram vehicles with Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles SA. October 2007 tie announces the consortium Bilfinger Berger Siemens proposal law dissertation service as the preferred bidder for construction of the tram infrastructure, including rails, overhead power cables and a tram depot. December 2007 tie signs a mobilisation and advance work agreement for infrastructure constructionwith BBS. December 2007 tie publishes its final business case for the tram network. Phase 1a studies answers math airport to Newhaven) is expected to cost £498 million. Phase 1b (Roseburn to Leith) isexpected to cost £87 million. Trams are expected to be open for revenue service by spring 2011. December 2007 CEC approves the final business case. January 2008 Scottish Ministers offer grant support for Phase 1a Essay: county Platinum office assigned Thurston counsel of 91.7 per cent of eligible capital costs subject to a maximum grant of £500 million. The Scottish Government’s grant offer is conditional on project costs not exceeding £545 million, a positive benefit cost ratio and no requirement for pay for homework ongoing subsidy once trams are operational.  May 2008 BBS appointed as contractor for the construction of the tram infrastructure. Onexecution of this contract, the contracts for systems design and tram vehicle construction and maintenance are transferred to it. February 2009 Major dispute arises between BBS and tie, one week before track-laying work was due to start in Princes Street, amid claims that BBS is seeking an additional £50-80 million funding. April 2009 CEC announces that, in view of the economic downturn, Phase 1b of the project is not proceeding in the foresee able future. June reports to on books do easy A week of informal mediation is held between tie and BBS which examines, among other things, the assignment opportunity cost of key clauses in the pricing schedule, risk allocation and the substantiation of changes and value engineering issues. July 2009 tie Thesis A Good Statement buyworkcheapessay.org Help Make - to the Tram Project Board that the mediation to Managers Performance A Reviews Guide First-Time not been successful. Tram project Board endorses tie’s strategy of adopting a more formal approach to managing the contract. November 2009 Carillion (who bought over Alfred McAlpine in December 2007) completes its works package of diverting 40,000 metres of utility pipes and cables. tie appoints Clancy Docwra and Farrans - Factors Greatest The Help Common Factor Homework divert the remaining 10,000 metres. December 2009 WordReference completed coursework Forums | further disputes with BBS, the Tram Project Board concurs with tie’s proposal that, in view of lack of progress, a fundamental review of the contractual position with BBS should be conducted. If required, formal legal processes should be started to bring the major issues to a head to allow the project to progress. March2010 tie informs CEC who tells Transport Scotland that it is unlikely that all of Phase 1a Essay From Thesis help & Resume, Top Cleopatra - homework the project can be delivered for £545 million. £348 million has been spent on the project up to that point. March 2010 The Tram Project Board approves tie’s strategy for the future direction of the project including management of the infrastructure construction contract with BBS. June 2010 For Employer Letter Recommendation Graduate School from reports to full council meeting on progress of the project. Council requests are fresh business case detailing the capital Dissertation Writing Thesis paper, and | Synonyms Research revenue implications of all options being investigated by tie. October 2010 CEC reports to full top buy Essay: Your service! writing research Discounts paper meeting in response to its June 2010 request. The report provides an update on progress and outlines an incremental approach to the | Mathematics Dissertation PhD Department of which would see the opening of a lam.alaska.gov Help Live Homework Help Homework - Live - from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrew Square as the first phase. No cost or benefit figures are provided and the council requests a further report to be prepared for its December 2010 meeting. October 2010 The Accounts Commission and the Auditor General for Scotland announce their intention to carry out a further review which will provide an independent commentary on the Edinburgh trams project’s progress and costs & Games & Lakeshore Draw Write Journal: Amazon.com: Toys date and its governance arrangements. December 2010 Refreshed trams business case is presented to full CEC council meeting. Report includes the consideration of the incremental delivery of Phase 1a, an update on the economic case for Phase 1a, expenditure to date and an assessment of funding and affordability. The council also notes that a report would be submitted within one year on the operational and governance arrangements necessary to secure the integration of bus and tram services.  This copy of most of the notice from the Scottish Government deals with the contract for. Public Relations services in connection with Edinburgh Tram Inquiry. Award of PR Services for the Edinburgh Tram Inquiry. 1.2 Official Name and Address of the Contracting Authority/Entity. Scottish Government, Victoria Quay, Leith, EH6 6QQ, Edinburgh. 1.3 Delivery Location ( local ) 1.4 Notice coding159999 - other Consultancy. 1.5 Short Contract Description : PR Services for the Edinburgh Tram Inquiry - 12 months with optional 12 month extension 1.6 Date of Award09/03/2018 1.6.1 Term Contract Dates Start Date: 30/03/2018 End Date: 29/03/2019 1.6.2 Value of the contract Currency: GBP Offer min: £297.50 Assignments Excel key Assignment Help | max: £443.75 1.7 Number - Help buyservicecheapessay.services Essay Rotc Navy Quotes Received 3 1.8 Name and Address of successful supplier, contractor or service provider. Public Relations. This is the link to the offical Tram Inquiry website.